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Welcome to the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers' Association Internet site. This site has been developed to better inform our 1,800 members of dedicated municipal law enforcement officers, retired members and the general public about our Association and its activities.

The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association is a non-profit professional Association representing Municipal Law Enforcement Officers throughout the Province of Ontario. It was first established in 1979. In 1985 it was incorporated as a non-profit organization. Currently, the Association represents over 1,800 Municipal Law Enforcement Officers. Our membership ranges from the small rural communities to the large urban centres. We also enjoy associate memberships with individuals throughout North America. Municipal Law Enforcement Officers are appointed by Council under the provisions of the Police Services Act or other Provincial Statute to enforce local municipal by-laws and other applicable Provincial Statutes. Duties may include enforcement of laws relating to:

Business and trade licensing
Noise Abatement and Control
Woodlot/Forestry Conservation
Weed Control
Animal control including DOLA
Parking and Traffic
Property Standards
Fire Protection
Lottery Licensing
Signs and Advertising Devices, etc...

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers may also be responsible for prosecutions and other legal actions undertaken by their municipality.


 The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association represents over 250 municipalities and 1800 individual officers throughout the Province of Ontario and abroad. This broad coverage provides members with an interesting diversity of experiences to draw upon.

This site provides our membership with a unique set of online tools and resources that will help in their daily lives. We will be hosting online Webinars, providing links to partnered sites, access to on-line  purchasing uniforms and other products, and much more.

If you are a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, and you would like to become a member, simply download our membership form, fill it in and mail it to the address provided. If you are currently a member we would like to encourage you to register on this site for some very exciting "members only" tools and resources.

As this site grows, we will be utilizing the Internet more and more and it will be in the best interest of the membership to have your name registered on this site.

We look forward you hearing from you, our members, about what we are doing and how we may be able to serve you better.  You may reach us at or click on "contact us"

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