Part I - Municipal Law Enforcement Foundations

NOTICE: The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers' Association has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and the recommendations and directives of our government and health care professionals.  These are unprecedented times and we are committed to continuing to deliver our training programs to you in a way so as to protect the health and safety of our students and instructors.

With this in mind, we are actively investigating interim measures that will enable us to bring virtual training to you, as well as positioning ourselves for a safe return to the classroom when appropriate.

Your patience and support is truly appreciated as we work through the methodology and logistics of these changes, and in particular to bringing on-line training to you.

If you are currently registered for a course, we will be reaching out to you to provide you with specific updates as soon as possible.

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General Course Information

Duration and course content:  This is a one-week training program.  The course covers Notebooks, Legal Terminology,   Understanding By-laws, Evidence, POA Part I, POA Part III, Crown Briefs, Officer Safety and Ethics.  It also includes in-class practical application of lesson material including a mock investigation and mock trial.  Details of the various modules are outlined below. Examinations are administered with a course passing grade of 75%.

Admission criteria:  This course is open ONLY to individuals who are members, who are actively employed by a municipality, hold a student membership, have an educational background in a law related program or who have an employment history in a related field eg: provincial ministry, security, auxiliary or retired police officer, etc.


Module details:
Notebooks - Students will learn the methodology of using a notebook, why we use them, rules   and the law surrounding their use in court.  Students will be required to keep a detailed   notebook throughout the entire week while in class and participating in class activities.
Legal Terminology - Students will learn and review commonly used legal terms and their   connection to law, evidence, enforcement and court.
Understanding By-laws and Legislation - Students will learn how to read, interpret and dissect   by-laws and Provincial legislation for the purpose of identifying offences  created within the   legislation and determining "elements of the offence" for the purpose of enforcement.
Evidence - Students will learn how to complete an investigation, what must be proven and   concepts regarding evidence, how evidence is collected, where it is stored, how it is used in the   court process and legal challenges an officer may face at trial.
Provincial Offences Act Part I - Students will learn about the enforcement of by-laws and   provincial statutes using Part I of the POA, the required forms, how to complete the forms, rules   that govern their use, service upon defendants, set fines and approvals and practical in-class   experience applying the lesson material.
Provincial Offences Act Part III - Students will learn about the enforcement of by-laws and   provincial statutes using Part III of the POA, the required forms, how to complete the forms, rules   that govern their use, service upon defendants, drafting charges and practical in-class   experience applying the lesson material.
Prosecution Briefs - Students will learn the concepts of building a prosecution brief, its   components and how and why it is used by prosecutors.
Officer Safety and Self Defence - Students will learn concepts about personal safety, developing   operational plans, safety strategies, and understanding use of force.  
Ethics - Students will learn the concepts of personal and professional ethics and review the   MLEOA Code of Ethics for Municipal Law Enforcement Officers.
Mock Investigation - Students will work in a team and participate in a mock scenario requiring   them to investigate a violation of a municipal by-law, wor together to collect evidence, build a   case and file charges under Part I of the POA against an actual defendant using the concepts,   terms and information presented during the course.  The student is required to complete a  crown brief for use in the mock trial conducted at the conclusion of the program.
Mock Trial - Students will work as a team and participate in a mock trial and the prosecution of a   by-law offence based on their mock investigation completed earlier in the week.  Presentation of   evidence in court using the concepts and techniques learned during the week will be required   including testimony during examination in chief and cross examination.

Note:  Evening group work is required of all students.


2020 Course dates:

Due to COVID-19 all 2020 Part I Foundations classes will be rescheduled.  Further information will be communicated to registered students as soon as available.

Inquiries regarding 2020 Part I Foundations classes may be directed to the Brenda Russell, Education Chair.   


2021 Course dates:

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to release any 2021 Course dates at this time.  We look forward to returning to the classroom and to serving the training needs of our members as we move into 2021.   Please monitor this page for 2021 course dates which will be released as soon as they become available.


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