Part IV - Environmental Noise

NOTICE:   The Association is currently conducting a review and update of the Part IV Environmental Noise Course.   

It is anticipated that the course will be re-introduced in the new "hybrid" format in late 2023.  Please continue to monitor our website and other communications to members for updates.

Your patience and support is appreciated.

If you are have any questions or require assistance in a noise enforcement matter, please contact us at or directly to our Education Chair at

Certification:  10 points are awarded under the MLEOA Certification program for successful completion of this course.  A minimum of 25 points are required to be considered by the Board of Directors for certification as a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer.

Please note that the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association is the only organization or body authorized by law to certify individuals as Municipal Law Enforcement Officers in the Province of Ontario.

The quantatitive course content is authorized by the Ministry of the Environment.